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> *Hi everyone,
> It's been a bit since I last emailed this list (or any list, for that
> matter!)... you may remember me, I worked at the Foundation last year in
> the Community Department, working with Philippe on any number of issues, as
> well as with the OTRS team.  I've come back to work on a short term project
> with the Foundation, and I have to say it's great to be back! (and a great
> break from my Master's thesis!)
> We're getting ready to run the next version of the Editor Survey, for
> August 2012. This will be the third incarnation we've run since 2011.  As
> with the prior incarnations of the survey, we'll be looking at a variety of
> topics, this time with the goal of not only understanding your needs and
> pressing issues while interacting with fellow editors, but also focusing on
> editors' satisfaction with the work of the Foundation.
> The last time we ran an editor survey, it was completed by over 6,000
> respondents.  When you break that down, it means that each minute of time
> demanded by the survey corresponds to 100 hours of Wikipedians' time.  We
> want to make sure that this time is spent wisely, ensuring that the
> questions we have are worded clearly, don't cause confusion, and will
> generate meaningful answers.  So we'd like to ask you to take a look at the
> survey, and give us feedback on the questions.  You can find them here:
> https://meta.wikimedia.org/**wiki/Research:Wikipedia_**
> Editor_Survey_August_2012/**Questions<https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Research:Wikipedia_Editor_Survey_August_2012/Questions>
> <https://meta.wikimedia.org/w/**index.php?title=Research:**
> Wikipedia_Editor_Survey_**August_2012/Questions<https://meta.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=Research:Wikipedia_Editor_Survey_August_2012/Questions>
> >
> ... and please leave your feedback on the talk page there so we can keep
> the discussion in one place :)
> You can find out more information about the survey here:
> https://meta.wikimedia.org/**wiki/Research:Wikipedia_**
> Editor_Survey_August_2012<https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Research:Wikipedia_Editor_Survey_August_2012>
> Also, we are planning an IRC Office Hour on the survey, this **Tuesday,
> July 31 at 1700 UTC.** (See https://meta.wikimedia.org/**
> wiki/IRC_office_hoursfor<https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/IRC_office_hoursfor>general
>  information about IRC Office hours)
Just a quick reminder that this is happening two hours from now.

> I know there has been some discussion about offering Office Hours in a
> broader range of times, and I know this time may not be the greatest for
> some... but this was the best time we could find currently.
> Thanks everyone!!
> -Christine
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