>       This is inserting a conspiracy theory where one does not exist.  
>       The English Wikipedia community voted on the blackout and directed it 
> into existence, not the Foundation. We merely facilitated.

The proposal was floated by Jimmy Wales on the 10th of december, 1 day after a 
Creative Commons Board meeting, on which he sits alongside the mother-in-law of 
Sergy Brin (Google), and on which sit other representatives of other internet 
mega-corporations that derive profit from user uploaded contents much of which 
is pirated, or who make money from advertising on pirate sites. On the 14th of 
December Creative Commons was also calling for a blackout/action over SOPA. 
Whether you realize it or not you were manipulated by mega-corporations to 
stick it to the musicians, photographers, and authors, so that said 
corporations could better profit from the theft of their works.

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