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>>> I'm sure that collectively we can bloviate with the best of 'em on the
>>> topic - but do we have any case law whatsoever anywhere on the topic
>>> that might give real-world pointers?
>> It's a question of fact, not a question of law.
> Then any real-world examples of the question arising.

The case I was writting was a set of human tissue pictures taken by a
members of research group working in university clinic in my city.

This is just an example:


I had discussion about it with our (Wikimedia Polska) lawer and the
legal department of the clinic. First of all the research group had
agreement from all his patients to publish this pictures in anonymous
way (i.e. not revealing to whom belongs the photographed tissues).
Then - they claimed, that although their work might be copyrightable,
they resigne from any copyright claims and finally their decission was
approved by clinic authorities (i.e. clinic had also resign from any
copyright claims no matter if they are applicable or not).

Tomek "Polimerek" Ganicz

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