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> I'd say, whatever the copyright status, she'd risk her job by
> distributing something like X-rays without going through the IRB
> system. And if she got IRB permission, asserting PD status or copyleft
> status or whatever wouldn't likely be a problem.
> -Sage
It's relevant for Wikipedia, at least. I don't think the projects take a
view on whether someone is risking their job or following institutional
policies. It's also worth noting that your description is of the process
for publishing medical data (as a general category) at an academic medical
institution, the sort that has an IRB. A large proportion of imaging
nation-wide is done at private, for profit imaging centers. Such centers
may not often engage in research, but that wouldn't prevent them from using
their images in other ways (say, uploading them to Commons or providing
them to medical image repositories).

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