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> To reword what I said before the vast majority of X-ray images in existence 
> are diagnostic
> images. There is no reason at all to purposefully search out X-rays that 
> might land in some
> grey area.

One problem with that is that the X-ray images that you are most
likely to find are the most likely to have been created with the
intention of being distributed.

On the other hand, if "probably no one will sue" is good enough for
you, then you really don't need to ask the legal question in the first

> Another rule of thumb: Most images, whatever they depict, are also *designed* 
> to be pleasing
> to human aesthetics.

I don't understand that.  What are you using the term "human
aesthetics" to mean?

And even if you're true about most, that still leaves a great number
which were not.  Many images were in fact designed to be aesthetically

And many others were designed, like the X-ray image, to objectively
depict reality.

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