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>> Still, I was aware that there had been some objections to that
>> question by chapter representatives (which I don't assume have to do
>> with the fact that respondents rated chapters' performance lower than
>> that of other entities in the two previous surveys), and looked into
>> these concerns while the present questionnaire was prepared; I also
>> reached out to one of the critics in person at Wikimania. But I still
>> haven't seen a compelling argument why the way the question is asked
>> should be biased against chapters. The argument that the opinion of
>> Wikimedians who live in countries without chapter should not count
>> seems weak to me, e.g. because the projects that the work of chapters
>> aims to support are international, and because the question asked
>> about chapters in general, not one particular chapter.
> That is not the argument I was trying to make (ie. voices of
> Wikimedians in a country without chapter don't count). Rather, there
> is a long list of things the Foundation does, where people are asked
> whether they knew about it, or not. And after that, right when people
> have been made aware of everything the Foundation does, they are asked
> to rate the work of the Foundation. The same question about the
> chapters comes after absolutely nothing has been said about chapter
> work, which, I believe, does introduce a bias. In short, people are
> being asked to rate something they *at this point in the survey* have
> an idea about (for the WMF) although they might have had no idea about
> it before starting the survey.
> All I'm asking is that we review the context in which this question is
> being asked so results make more sense.
OK, after some other people also remarked that preceding this question
by other questions which conveyed quite some information about the
Foundation's activities but not about the chapters' activities. we
have now rearranged the questions so that this is no longer the case.

This is a bit of a compromise regarding the structuring of the
questionnaire into sections, but fortunately it could be done without
invalidating existing translations or changing the variables of the
resulting dataset.

Also, the launch of the survey had been postponed into this month for
various reasons, including allowing more time to respond to feedback
like this.
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