So I might have missed some mails on this thread (perhaps because they were not 
posted on this public list) but I highly doubt that Sue perform surveys that do 
not have a real-world impact on our operations. I know that the results of the 
previous surveys were used in several discussions (including at a board level) 
in order to provide more insight….

On the other hand, using these surveys to gain more insight is not the same as 
using them to "hold each other accountable" which is sometimes easy to do. 
Every survey (and questions) has a lots of interpretation magic which can 
easily lead you astray, but I don't have to tell you (the community) this :)


On 10 Sep 2012, at 23:01, Delphine Ménard <notafi...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Contrarily to Sue, I do
> think that these surveys (should) have a real-world impact and
> (should) keep us all on our toes, fine tuned to the critisicism, needs
> and wishes of the editors of the WIkimedia projects. As such I expect
> us to make sure that we do get as precise a picture as possible of
> what those are.

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