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4) Doesn't every survey contain questions that don't apply to the whole 
responding audience?

No, because the answer would not be terribly useful. In all surveys I have seen in my work life [statistics work -- I don't design much surveys myself, but reply to a lot of them from different horizons :-], this does never happen.

Typically, the filtering for a question about chapters would be something like this (simplified and written quickly):

1) Do you know any organization active within the Wikimedia movement ?
(free text fields allow people to enter names)

2) This page contain a list of organizations active within the Wikimedia movement; please tick all the ones you know (even if you have only heard the name)

(a list follows, with maybe "WMF", "Local chapters in general", and a list of individual chapters)

3) People are then asked to rate and/or comment each entity that was mentioned under (1) or (2).

This way, not only do we avoid having people give their opinion on a topic they've never heard about, but we also get two different levels of knowledge on the topic (either the user knew it well enough to list the name, or he had to be reminded).


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