Andrew Gray, 19/09/2012 10:35:
Yes, this is definitely an issue. My recollection was that the "unwanted
content" issue was seen as secondary to the debates about placement, but
it's many years ago ;-)

Agree entirely on testing and having a sense of the cost-benefit ratio. One
feature of the old system was that it predominantly went on BLPs - which
are a magnet for easy "looks free" content like publicity photos.  I wonder
if the proportion of acceptable material would be higher if, eg, we
trialled placeholders on towns and villages with no photos, or buildings?

It's already somehow happening for Wiki Loves Monuments USA, if I remember correctly (although technically they're _absolutely not_ image placeholders). The UploadWizard is designed to educate users about copyright issues: I don't know if someone measured the percentage of copyvios and related errors compared to normal uplod, but it might be a solution.


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