On 3 December 2012 11:49, John Andersson <john.anders...@wikimedia.se>wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> Today I created a page on Outreach called List of successful grant
> applications. I hope that you will add your Chapter's success stories there!
> Based
>  on what grant applications we know have worked in other countries we
> can copy the successful ones when we apply for external funding. This
> will help speed things up and hence, increase our efficiency and
>  our external funding. This would be especially valuable for smaller
> Chapters. If you have suggestions on how to improve the page I encourage
> you to be bold!
> So please add your examples there and let the successful examples of other
> Chapters inspire you!
> All the best,
> John

Thank you for creating that list, John.  One suggestion - it should be
clear from the title of the page that the grants are not Wikimedia
Foundation grants.

I'm uncertain whether this should be on the Outreach project  or on the
Meta project.  Since it deals with financial issues that are otherwise
grouped together on Meta, and it also seems to focus on Chapters which
generally do their reporting on Meta as well, that might be a better place
for it.  Keep in mind that the Outreach wiki is not an SUL wiki, and anyone
who wants to edit there must create a new account and log in separately.

Congratulations to Wikimedia Sweden for their successful work in obtaining
grants from third parties.  I think we will all look forward to seeing the

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