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> == «Wikipedia in the classroom» in Guarani language ==
> On mid-December, Wikimedia Argentina published the first edition of its
> booklet “Wikipedia in the classroom” in an indigenous language, like
> Guarani. “Vikipetã mbo’eha kotýpe” is also the first publication about
> Wikipedia in Guarani language and any other American indigenous language.
> The goal of “Wikipedia in the classroom”, both in Spanish and Guarani, is
> to help teachers to understand what is Wikipedia, how it works and how they
> can use it in an useful way. Most students already use Wikipedia so it is
> really important that teachers know what to do.
> “Wikipedia in the classroom” is an initiative launched in 2010 by Wikimedia
> Argentina with the support of different institutions, including the
> Education portal of the Argentine government, educ.ar. They released an
> special website about the project. Wikimedia Argentina will print 500
> booklets of the Guarani edition to be distributed in schools and other
> educational institutions, and we expect to publish new editions in other
> indigenous languages in 2013.
> Guarani Wikipedia or Vikipetã was released in 2005, but lacks more active
> volunteers (currently, it has less than 20). Guaraní (avañe’ẽ) is spoken by
> 8 million people and is the official language of Paraguay, Bolivia and
> Corrientes Province in Argentina, being one of the most used indigenous
> American languages currently. Wikimedia Argentina in the past years have
> started different projects to increase the usage and development of the
> Guarani Wikipedia, teaching its use to native speakers, something that was
> recognized by the Chamber of Deputies of the Province of Buenos Aires. We
> hope that this initiative can attract more speakers of that language to
> participate in projects of the Wikimedia Foundation.

I just created a first and fresh offline version of Wikipedia in
Guarani. You may find it at http://www.kiwix.org

The bundled version with Kiwix is available here:

Hope this can help.

Kind regards

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