As has been noted, Aaron (User:AaronSw) was a prolific Wikipedian
since 2003 and a candidate in the 2006 Board election. His writings
during his election campaign are worth re-reading:

He was also described as "one of the early architects of Creative
Commons" by Larry Lessig [1], and founded infogami which merged into
Reddit, so he's sometimes called a Reddit co-founder as well.

Since then he's turned to activism and co-founded Demand Progress
which has been rallying opposition to bad Internet law, including

Cory Doctorow's obituary is a very personal goodbye and includes a
video of Aaron's talk "How we stopped SOPA".

Aaron was an intense, passionate and focused intellectual who
dedicated his life to changing the world for the better - and he did.
It's a shocking loss and deeply sad that he left us so early, that he
saw no other way. May he rest in peace.



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