First of all, I'm glad there's a Wikimedia Shop. I don't think it'll make big money, but even if it's only self-sustaining it's totally worth it.

I also think that generally we should be happy to try stuff out and use banners to advertise new services.

However, I share with Mono the worry that large, colorful and distracting banners are becoming the standard, rather than the exception. I think part of the reason why "big" banners are used is because they are easier to create: most banners are created by copying existing banners and most existing banners are those huge fundraising banners.

We should remember that we have banners in all flavours:
* very low key --- * short & small --- * a bit larger --- * do not use! ---

James, was the banner type/size a conscious decision you made? Or did you just choose to go with a standard ("big") banner?


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