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> Dear all,
> As you may have noticed, in December there was a call for new members for
> the affiliations committee. The affiliations committee is entrusted to
> advise the Board of Trustees on matters of recognition of new movement
> affiliates, such as Chapters, Thematic Organizations and User Groups.
> I am happy to be able to say that this call resulted in 18 applications!
> After a thorough discussion, the Committee members that were not part of
> this selection procedure have passed a resolution, appointing 7 of these
> applicants as member of the committee.[1]
> Therefore, I'm proud to announce that the following people have been
> appointed as member of the Affiliations Committee until 31 December 2014:
>    - Jeromy-Yu Chan (re-appointment)
>    - Carlos Colina
>    - Bence Damokos (re-appointment)
>    - Josh Lim
>    - Salvador Alcántar Morán
>    - Tanvir Rahman
>    - Greg Varnum
> Congratulations to the new appointees! You can find a full overview of the
> members on [2].
> I would like to take this opportunity to thank the outgoing members who
> spent valuable time in the past years on the affiliations committee:
> Sebastian Moleski, Ray Saintonge and Damian Finol. Sebastian and Ray have
> served the committee since 2010, and Damian was the longest serving member,
> being appointed in 2007! Thanks a lot for your time and effort in the past
> years.

Congratulations to all, and many thanks to Sebastian, Ray and Damian!!
And thanks to Lodewijk and all for running a smooth selection process.

-- Phoebe

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