On 23 March 2013 22:54, James Heilman <jmh...@gmail.com> wrote:

> So why did I not notify the arbcom list? I am sure all the arbcoms are
> watching this one so I did not see it as necessary.

James, I did not say you should have emailed the Arbitration Committee.
There are multiple ways of notifying the Arbitration Committee onwiki. Very
few arbitrators watch this mailing list; it's intended to address more
global issues, and many of its subscribers get justifiably annoyed when the
list is used to bring "more eyes" to an extremely localized concern on
English Wikipedia, when there are so many other ways to communicate with
the Enwiki community. More arbitrators, and English Wikipedia editors,
follow Wiki-en-L, which is designed to discuss issues specific to the
English Wikipedia project.

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