On Wed, Mar 27, 2013 at 3:00 PM, Sue Gardner <sgard...@wikimedia.org> wrote:
> Hello Wikimedia community members,
> This is not an easy e-mail to write, and it’s been a very hard
> decision to make. But I’m writing to tell you that I’m planning to
> leave my position as the Executive Director of the Wikimedia
> Foundation.

Oh, Sue, if only you were posting that you were leaving forever
because everything about Wikipedia was terrible!!!!!111! -- if only
that, because then we would all know that you were really coming back
soon (though perhaps with a different username).

But no, you are as classy and thoughtful and open as always, and for
once that makes me so sad, because I will be very sad to see you go.
But! There is also a big exciting future ahead, for both you and for
Wikimedia, and I am sure that those paths will be intertwined for a
long time yet: there is work to be done.

with respect,
-- phoebe

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