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>> to everyone
>> As I said in my previous email:
>> * Most of the chapters should go through the GAC first, to get used
>> with a formal process
> Uhm, isn't this what is already happening? All those who are eligible for FDC 
> funding have already gone through the normal Grants Program a multiple times.

Not all, and many only for project grants not for operations grants
(like part time accounting). This is a flaw of how the process is
perceive I think.

>> * We need the first employee/office space budget being a specific GAC
>> or FDC process (there's pros and cons in having one or the other
>> handling it). Because let's be honest, the actual FDC process is way
>> to heavy for those needs and the GAC is not meant to handle such
>> requests
> I'm sorry I don't understand that "you need a specific GAC process..." Do you 
> mind rephrasing?
> Thanks,Abbas.

GAC is not able to provide grant for a full time employee right now.
The only way to get funds for that first employee is through the FDC.
Which, as I said earlier, is a really heavy process.

That being said, GAC can already provide funds for external
contractors on specific tasks, like accounting.

Is my rephrasing better? :s


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