Dear Deryck,

I am also sorry to read this.  Thank you for sharing your reflections,
they are always welcome.

The FDC is an experiment in peer review, one that I think holds
promise.  It was designed in part to avoid 'mainstream charity
bureaucracy'.  But this is its first year, and there will be rough
spots along the way.  Your feedback will improve the process.

This public list is a fine place for the discussion.  An ombudsperson
and a complaint process are part of the design, both public:

Nathan writes:
> Perhaps what's needed from the FDC is better guidance in advance about
> what the organic growth chart of chapter organizations should look like

Christophe writes:
> [We need] a simpler step to get the first employee. Either more complex GAC 
> proposal or simpler FDC proposal. Either way :)

Both practical ideas.  Support for the first stages of growth should
be handled differently from later infrastructure support.

- More continuous feedback is needed.
- Eligibility should be simple and unchanging throughout the process.
- Whether or not a proposal is approved, there should be follow-up
support to help applicants figure out next steps.


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