This situation is regrettable. My impression is that the FDC ombudsperson 
should review the handling of WMHK's grant application, including the earlier 
investigations and communications regarding the determination of whether or not 
WMHK should have been disqualified from this FDC round. The ombudsperson may 
have access to information such as emails and accounting documents that are not 
public. I hope the ombudsperson's review will be reasonably speedy and 
thorough, and the results made public. One possible determination of an 
ombudsperson review is that the FDC's final determinations were right but that 
there are opportunities for improvement in communications with the chapter so 
that there aren't surprises late in the process which result in a high level of 
frustration for chapter volunteers.

Several interesting comments have been made in this thread regarding the value 
of a more holistic evaluation of the FDC and GAC processes with regards to 
chapters especially regarding the hiring of a chapter's first full time 
employee. There have also been comments made regarding the "heavy" nature of 
the FDC grant application process. Would the WMF staff please indicate whether 
a review of these concerns is under consideration, if so, how they plan to 
conduct the review? 


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