2013/4/30 Charles Andres <charles.andres.w...@gmail.com>:
> In Milan we discuss about Chapters peer review as a tools that the WMF could 
> use in parallel if FDC assessment.
> But in light of the discussion about who should or not apply to the FDC, it 
> seems that chapters peer review should be consider by chapter willing to 
> apply to the FDC as a preliminary step.
> I think that a friendly discussion between peers about the reasons to apply 
> to the FDC would help everybody to save time and facilitate the choice of the 
> appropriate grant process  :-)

Hi Charles! That would be really helpful.

I'd also like to remind that the process for next year's proposals
includes a Letter of Intent as first step, which will allow the both
the FDC and the applicants to work on the proposals four months in
advance to the presentation deadline and hopefully helping to improve
the applications and/or help to decide which should be the choice of
grant process. I hope some concerns expressed in this thread will be
addressed with this change in the process. See
for more details.


Patricio Lorente
Identi.ca // Twitter: @patriciolorente

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