Le 4/30/13 12:52 PM, Richard Symonds a écrit :
I think, perhaps, that the reform of the Wikimania bidding process could
use a new thread!

Yaroslav is not telling us about his experience on the bidding process, but about his experience about (not) feeling loved and appreciated for his effort and involvement.

And boy... is that sad :(


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On 30 April 2013 11:49, Yaroslav M. Blanter <pute...@mccme.ru> wrote:

On 30.04.2013 01:12, Florence Devouard wrote:

Le 4/30/13 12:04 AM, Nathan a écrit :

  In the past years, we have seen several times organizers of Wikimania
plain disappear after the event. Burn-out. I do not think it is a good
outcome. For no-one.
And I do not think it is a good idea to slap a chapter organizing
Wikimania this year with words such as "infant, minimal development,
fuzzy strategic goals" whose funding would be "at an absolute minimum,
mis-management and waste of donor resources".

Organizing Wikimania is an effort which deserve a little bit more
respect than this. Either we trust the chapter to host Wikimania or we
do not. I do.

And I think that even though you are free to think funding this
chapter would be a bad move, it would be a good move from a human
perspective to present apologies for using such a strong statement.


My personal experience after being an active program committee member on
the 2010 Wikimania Organizing Committee was that my activity there (and I
believe in the end of the day we did a good job - for example, we managed
to accept all submissions with a very few exceptions) was only appreciated
by my fellow organizers. I have not heard any good words from anybody else,
a lot of bad words were coming from all kind of corners, and nobody in
2011, 2012, 2013, or, for that matter, in 2014 ever contacted me asking
whether I would have any interest to do this job again. In 2011, someone
duly revoked my Wikimania wiki administrator flag saying smth like "not
needed anymore", and nobody cared to thank me or even to inform me of that.
I obviously decided afterwards that there are other, less painful ways I
can be do my community service, and lost all interest in Wikimania


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