Florence Devouard wrote:
>I was thinking of the numerous (quite successful) associations in
>France, which are simply made of entrepreneurs wishing to do things
>together (from networking, to training, to visits, conferences etc.).
>Most of those associations have only one staff member, a long-term hired
>secretary who takes care of secretarial work. The rest of the
>association activity is 100% taken care of by the volunteer
>entrepreneurs (usually through an extended board of volunteer members).

Yes, this kind of association is also somewhat common in the United States
as well. I agree that it might serve as a very good model for a healthy
number of Wikimedia chapters.

>In many cases, the secretary is paid with sponsorship and membership

The Wikimedia Foundation seems to be in a good place to ensure that this
need is met for chapters in need of a full-time staff person. A little
seed money. What needs to happen in order to ensure requests like this are
met if membership fees and sponsorships aren't sufficient?


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