Of possible interest to WMF staff and others in San Francisco, State of the Map 
US is happening in a few weeks. 


Schedule: http://stateofthemap.us/schedule.html

They are discussing a wide variety of things which have crossover to Wikipedia 
and other Wikimedia projects including use of OSM in secondary and higher 
education, technical matters including building the new editor, vector maps, 
imports and operations, data analysis, community and social issues. Looks like 

The main State of the Map conference this year is in Birmingham, England in 
September. http://2013.stateofthemap.org/

In terms of governance stuff, the OSM Foundation is going through a similar 
process of long-term strategy as Wikimedia did many years ago: trying to decide 
whether to stay small or expand, how to work with community members, businesses 
who use OSM data, developers and so on. In these discussions, frequent 
reference is made to Wikimedia as a big sister. ;-) 

Tom Morris

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