On 1 June 2013 13:20, Frédéric Schütz <sch...@mathgen.ch> wrote:
> I also see under "Fundraising Agreements" that "Sue updated the Board on the
> chapter fundraising agreements for 2013-14".
> Is it possible to know more about this ? As a board member in a fundraising
> chapter, I don't remember hearing anything about the 2013-14 fundraising
> agreements so far, so I'm obviously curious about the updates...

It was just a status report, Frédéric, a brief verbal update. What I
said about WMCH was something to the effect of "WMCH is in compliance
with our agreements, and their participation in the 2012-13 campaign
went fine. At this point, we expect them to payment-process again in
2013-14." Something to that effect.

If we'd had a more extensive discussion about WMCH, as a WMCH Board
member you would know it already :-)


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