The WMF Board has recognized Amical Wikimedia as the first Wikimedia
Thematic Organization.  Please join me in celebrating their work and

This group was founded in 2008 as Associació Amical Viquipèdia,
focused on Catalan language and culture. You may know them from the
regular reports they have published to this list and to Meta for
years.  They have organized dozens of successful cultural projects,
including public events, research, GLAM initiatives, and content

After first applying to become a chapter four years ago, Amical
members later helped the Movement Roles working group develop new
models for affiliation, and were the first to apply to be a thematic
organization. Gomà and Arnaugir, the founder and current chair of
Amical, attended the Milan conference and shared their projects and
their future plans.  An in-person meeting there helped to resolve the
remaining bureaucratic steps in the process of becoming a thematic

Thank you to everyone from AffCom and Amical who have been involved
throughout this process, particularly Bence and Bishakha for their
guidance since the first movement roles discussions, and Gomà and
María for their facilitation.

Sam, on behalf of the Board

== About Thematic Organizations ==
Thematic Organizations are one of the new affiliation models created
last year, to recognize organizations that have consistently done
interesting work with partners and in outreach, both online and
offline.  They are meant to be well-established and persistent
organizations, focused on a common theme.

The review and approval process for Thematic Organizations is similar
to that for chapters.  A list of groups considering becoming thematic
orgs can be found on Meta.

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