Congratulations to the swedish wikipedians!

2013/6/16 Anders Wennersten <>:
> Yesterday sv:wp reached 1 M articles. The one who did the passing was a bot
> generated article of a butterfly
> The bot behind this article is Lsjbot who creates articles from the database
> Catalogue of Life
> which
> (complemented by other databases) which holds data of around 1.5 million
> species. The bot genrates about 5000 new articles per day and has generated
> just under 400 000 of the sv:wps million and continues...
> The guy who runs he bot is a member of the Swedish chapters board
> and is in his
> civil life a University teacher. In this capacity he is also a guest
> lecturer at the university of the Phillipines where he stayed the last
> couple of months (and the bot was on hold). He is there active in
> Cebuano-Wikipedia and supporting
> their local community, and he is now running his bot on their wikipedia as
> well as on the Warai-Warai Wikipedia
> So perhaps at the end of the
> year these two language versions will also pass the 1 million mark!
> Anders
> PS out other major botgenerating effort of all lakes in Sweden is also
> making very nice progress, done 25% of all DS
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