Great idea! I'm going to try a way of doing this, through svwp and/or WMSE.

Best of wishes,
Wikipedia user Paracel63

2013-06-18, 17:53, skrev David Cuenca:

>Instead of just discussing this topic as always has been done, it would be
>great to take advantage of the opportunity to monitor changes in the sv-wp
>community as a result of this massive automated article creation.
>For me it would be interesting to know:
>1) current perception in the community about automated articles correlated
>with the number of contributions by the person answering.
>2) impact of the newly created articles: views, human edits done to those
>articles (specially nr of bytes added), correlation with nr of previous
>3) changes in the community after 1 year, survey of new members, of those,
>how many registered after seeing a bot article vs how many after seeing a
>human-created article?
>4) some metrics about the article quality (maybe with AFT)
>Otherwise the same arguments are going to be repeated over and over again,
>year after year, without ever reaching a conclusion, or without ever
>learning which impact those articles might have.
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