Tim Starling, 12/07/2013 01:14:
Of course, the pt.wp community was well aware of the situation.

I don't think so. Some community members were, but very few. It took 7 months to get a local discussion/vote on the matter start and conclude. Proceurally, the absence of consensus for the configuration is the reason why the default was restored.

> The
response of the pt.wp community to the original "emergency" -- asking
for CAPTCHAs to be enabled for everyone -- was very specific to that
community. I have to wonder whether the requesters were hoping for
implicit permanence.

It's a reminder that we need a robust procedure for making temporary
changes. In the past we have relied on the requester saying to us
afterwards "ok, it's all done now, you can revert it." That doesn't
work if "temporary" is said with a wink.



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