There are countries where women showing her shoulders or nude head are not 
accepted yet. I think the staff should complaint only about what is accepted 
where they are (so they  wont be arrested).

Castelo Branco 

Em 12/07/2013, às 08:10, Eddy Paine <> escreveu:

I didn't say that people with thats are not proffesionals. I have multiple 
myself also. 
I am saying that the page has a lay-out with pictures that all fit together and 
are specially made for that page. I believe you shouldn't destroy the lay-out 
or style by adding "personal" pictures. Otherwhise you should lose the style 
Secondly we are a world wide organisation, and there are still enough countries 
where tats are not accepted yet. So it can be wise to try to minimise the 
things on pictures that can be offensive for some people. 
And as last. Brandon places his tattoo first and makes his face blurry. Thats 
why I started posting. If both the tattoo would be vissible and his face I 
wouldn't have any problems at all. 
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