First, I want to make clear that I express no opinion on the ink
conversation. I respect the diverse points of views in our community. I
understand that everyone has their own stripes.

That said, I am deeply saddened and frankly shocked by allegations voiced
by certain people in this thread that somehow I would consider eating Tux,
the official mascot of the Linux kernel.

As a supporter of the free knowledge movement, I hunger for role models
like Tux.  Penguins are known for their outstanding qualities[1], and,
showing my good taste, I recognize that my small LCA Foundation profile [2]
hardly matches the prominent recognition of Tux’s Wikipedia article. [3]  I
accordingly decided long ago that Tux was off the menu.

To the contrary, I offer my paw in friendship to Tux.  Some say that open
source animals are full of bugs, turning them into organic delights. I do
support organic meats. I mean friends. Organic friends.

Delicious, organic friends.

I am really hungry now.  (I’m not allowed to eat legal interns anymore.[4])
 Tux, let’s get together soon, real soon, maybe over lunch.



Legal and Community Advocacy

I cannot give legal advice because I am not licensed to practice law. I am
also a stuffed toy animal without human intelligence.





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