> (Rumor has it that HR is soon going to introduce a new caring and
> loving penguin into the habitat. Perhaps the HR penguin can mediate
> should matters escalate quickly.)

Erik - to be frank I think this would be a serious mistake.

A penguin would have no understanding of the Wikimedia culture. I mean they
spend all their time huddling on ice-floes! What's that got to do with
creating an encyclopedia? I notice that hardly ANYONE edits Wikipedia from
the South Pole, despite it being the only place that everyone can agree is
in the Global South.

Indeed, what's the whole contribution of Antarctica been to the Wikimedia
movement? Sweet fanny adams, that's what. But it doesn't even warrant a
mention in the Foundation strategic plan! There is literally a whole
continent that we don't care about. I suppose because you don't get many
icebergs in San Francisco somehow you think Antarctica does't matter.

Frankly we don't need a penguin in the HR department. We need a penguin on
the Foundation Board.

No, we need a penguin as Executive Director. While Sue has made some really
important contributions, I have never seen her hunt fish or waddle around
with an egg on her feet. That has to change and it has to change now. It's
the only way we will take the South Pole seriously.
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