On Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 3:48 PM, Chris Keating

> >
> > (Rumor has it that HR is soon going to introduce a new caring and
> > loving penguin into the habitat. Perhaps the HR penguin can mediate
> > should matters escalate quickly.)
> Erik - to be frank I think this would be a serious mistake.
> A penguin would have no understanding of the Wikimedia culture. I mean they
> spend all their time huddling on ice-floes! What's that got to do with
> creating an encyclopedia? I notice that hardly ANYONE edits Wikipedia from
> the South Pole, despite it being the only place that everyone can agree is
> in the Global South.
> Indeed, what's the whole contribution of Antarctica been to the Wikimedia
> movement? Sweet fanny adams, that's what. But it doesn't even warrant a
> mention in the Foundation strategic plan! There is literally a whole
> continent that we don't care about. I suppose because you don't get many
> icebergs in San Francisco somehow you think Antarctica does't matter.
The penguins should be much more comfortable on Wikisource.


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