it came to my attention very recently that a link to a YouTube video has been included in our fundraising banners[1] last year, enabling people by default to watch a video about Wikipedia loaded through a YouTube <iframe /> element.

There's been a small discussion about this on IRC, and I've been asked to seek the opinion of the wider community on this matter, which I hope to achieve by starting a thread on this list.

I wonder how the solution used in the banners reflects on our values, especially since we prefer to use a proprietary service over our own Wikimedia Commons, and effectively invite our users to expose their data (such as their IP address) to an external website (because no one's going to read the small information about YouTube privacy policy).

I am told that there are technical limitations behind the decision to prefer YouTube over Commons, but I'm not really convinced about that; I generally think that we should not include links to websites that can track our users in our banners, and YouTube (as well as websites that use Google Analytics for statistical purposes) definitely falls under that definition.

[On an unrelated note, it might be worth pointing out that the video on YouTube is listed as CC-BY and as CC-BY-SA on Commons, which introduces confusion and might lead to creation of derivative works that are released without the ShareAlike clause, which - I believe - it's not what the author of the video was after.]

== References ==
* [1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page?banner=B12_1227_ThankYou_5pillars&forceBannerDisplay=true


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