Oliver Keyes wrote:
I would disagree that the scale does not match. I'm not sure how many people the fundraising banners reach, but I imagine it's a subset of "people who use wikipedia". Almost /all/ of our external links are going to be linking to somewhere with a non-compliant privacy policy.

I'm not sure about fundraising banners, but I know for a fact that the Wiki Loves Monuments campaign last September, which used fairly unintrisive banners as compared to the fundraising ones and was only visible in 35 countries (including some big countries, but not all of them) received around 200,000 pageviews /every single day/, and this number does not reflect on all countries since some of them used Google Analytics which I don't have any statistics about.

Fundraising banners, which are much more intrusive and are visible on a higher percentage of page loads certainly have a wider reach than that, and directing people to a page that infringes their privacy (even if just a small percentage of them actually click on the video play button) still is just evil, especially as there ways to avoid that.

I agree that most of our external links probably link to pages with non-compliant privacy policies, but (1) they are not visible on top of your browser window and (2) this isn't anything that the WMF can control anyway.


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