Agenda and minutes from the second quarterly review of the Engineering
Community Team:

Some highlights:
* The Community Liaisons (coordinated through the Legal & Community
Advocacy group) will continue to work on specific big changes that
require a lot of communication and feedback facilitation, such as
VisualEditor, Flow, and some mobile changes.  Engineering Community Team
will continue to support communication about smaller deployments and
about general engineering activity.
* We're cautiously optimistic about helping volunteers learn to write
more automated browser tests for gadgets, to reduce breakage.  Chris
McMahon has just started:
* Now that Tool Labs users can use replicated databases, I need to
reassess the pain points of current and potential users.  I anticipate
we'll learn some of that during the documentation sprint this week:

I was remiss and did not publicize the first of the ECT quarterly
reviews, which took place in February; agenda and minutes are here:

You can keep up on our work more frequently here:
and you can read about our goals for the next year here:

Thank you.
Sumana Harihareswara
Engineering Community Manager
Wikimedia Foundation

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