On 07/31/2013 07:52 PM, Nathan wrote:
> If anything, I think it's more reasonable to assume that
> Wikipedia (which shares many features with Google, Yahoo, Twitter,
> Facebook and other social networks) has been the subject of this kind
> of demand than that it hasn't.

You're also making an unwarranted leap there: that the Foundation would
comply with such a demand, if one was made, rather than fight it tooth
and nail.  In fact, the WMF probably has acquired quite a reputation
amongst intelligence circles as being quire uncooperative when it comes
to stomping faces with boots.

There are very few people who work for an organization that has as its
primary objective the free dissemination of knowledge that wouldn't be
willing to rattle the cages of those who seek to suppress it.  If
nothing else, we are very good at pointing out egg on faces in a very
public, very visible way.

-- Marc

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