Huib Laurens wrote:
>I always believed that our servers were monitored 24/7? But nobody seems
>to be around to fix a core part in our systems?

Hi Huib.

You've been around quite a long time, so it shouldn't be new information
to you that the appropriate mailing list for an issue like this is
wikitech-l (where there's already an ongoing thread), not wikimedia-l. And
you should also know that for issues like this, the best place to search
is Bugzilla, as both Nemo and myself have now pointed out (specifically

You seem to be a bit confused about core v. non-core services. In the
Wikimedia world, core functionality generally means that the wikis are
accessible for, at the very minimum, read access. Peripheral services and
sites have varying levels of criticality, though there's no rating system
in which (a simple Git repository viewer) would be
considered core (though it being completely down can be considered
critical, as it makes development work more tedious and annoying).

Obviously the operations team has a number of monitoring systems in place.
The public monitoring dashboard is here: <>.


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