Hey all,

During Wikimania's Q&A panel, the Board lamented that, as always, they did
not have enough time to answer all the questions from the audience and
posted beforehand on-wiki. They did say they were accessible to follow up
with on unanswered questions though, so I am taking this opportunity to
start an open thread.

The question I am personally interested in, I posted on the Wikimania wiki
page,[1] and it's...

"The 2013-14 Annual Plan allocates 40% of the Wikimedia Foundation budget
and 59% of the staffing to engineering and product development. However, it
seems that few of Board members have professional expertise in theses areas
(compared to previous years and in general). Does the Board feel it has the
necessary expertise to lead the Foundation in this area? Would the Board
consider recruiting expert seats with more experience in engineering and
product development?"

There are several other excellent questions posted on-wiki as well. I know
people are still traveling and likely jet-lagged even if they're home, so I
am in no huge hurry to get an answer. Thanks to the Board in advance. :-)

Steven Walling

1. https://wikimania2013.wikimedia.org/wiki/WMF_Board_Q%26A
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