phoebe ayers, 15/08/2013 12:26:
And lastly of course what's been on everyone's mind lately is we must
continue to try to figure out the best way to develop and roll out products
in our complex, opinionated, multilingual community. To be frank, I don't
know what the the best role for the board is in this process. I try to be
careful about keeping my public comments to a minimum when tech debates are
raging, as I think all the trustees do, because it's usually just not
helpful to randomly weigh in. Does that mean developers feel unsupported by
the board? That would be an unfortunate side effect of trying not to
overstep our role...

From a Wikimedia projects point of view, what I'd rather like to know is how the annual plan ends up containing some specific technical goals/products. This is for sure something under the board's responsibility as the board approves the plan, however – just we don't know absolutely anything in general on how the annual plan is produced and why it is as it is – it's not clear who proposes, who reviews and who actually decides what ends up in the plan, not to speak of the rationale. Does the board have any role in shaping the engineering goals as defined by the annual plan, apart from the final rubberstamping in a yes/no vote following some two weeks of discussion out of several months of mysterious drafting?


P.s.: Generic questions to the board on this list are usually ignored/missed, unless [sometimes] when they are in reply to something posted on behalf of the board; in theory I guess the place for such public questions would be which offers some permanency, but has never been really used yet.

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