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> Predicted demographics: 95% women from the "global south" :)


>> I am personally hesitant about automatic translations, and whether we can
>> achieve the coverage (in language pairs) and the quality (of Wikipedia).
>> But that is only my opinion. A hybrid approach, if we can support it and
>> build it, would obviously be the safest bet, as both endeavors are rather
>> risky. I see a lot of possible space for a hybrid system, as you describe
>> it.
> +1000

I have a lot of love for this idea in general, and a hybrid approach
to this part; thank you for articulating it so clearly.

>> One advantage of my proposal is that it's cost is rather small. For
>> supporting translation I haven't seen yet a sufficiently sketched proposal
>> that allows to estimate the potential cost and potential benefit.
> As with so many things, it will be hard to assess cost/benefits without
> making some effort. A safe bet could be to try with an existing pair or
> develop a pair with an estimated high demand.

Is there a pair where some work has already been done?


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