Yes MZ, agreed that this is would be good to have documented on meta. In
fact this has been raised in our internal discussion already.

At the moment one of my side projects is a major overhaul of the
fundraising pages on meta, and I plan to incorporate aims and principles
into this prominently. I'm hoping to post a draft in the next few weeks,
and will post to this list when I do.
On 19 Aug 2013 05:57, "MZMcBride" <> wrote:

> Matthew Walker wrote:
> >In the past days there's been discussion internal to the fundraising team
> >-- it appears that the 'fundraising principles' I thought we held are not
> >uniformly held by others. In this particular instance it seems that gift
> >premiums are not entirely off the table. I've been told that the reason we
> >have not done them in the past is mostly due to technical limitations. The
> >current view is that we should keep our options open to future
> >experimentation if the situation allows.
> Hi.
> I think establishing fundraising principles and documenting them at
> Meta-Wiki would still be a great idea. Would you be able to start such a
> page if one doesn't exist already?
> Outside of purely fundraising techniques, establishing what is and is not
> appropriate for fundraising banners would also be nice to have. For
> example, are splash pages off the table? CentralNotice has previously been
> used to completely block out the site, so it's certainly technically
> possible. What about banners that obstruct or obfuscate article content?
> Are these ever acceptable? Is it okay to stretch the truth if it brings in
> more money (e.g., "Wikipedia Executive Director")?
> I think clarity as to what the Wikimedia Foundation fundraising team
> considers appropriate or off-limits in order to reach its goals is
> very important to have.
> MZMcBride
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