Le 23/08/2013 10:59, Kul Wadhwa a écrit :
> I have my concerns as well so we're watching how things unfold for now.
> Perhaps to add to Teemu's question (If I could be so bold) how would
> internet.org need to evolve to make it worth our time and effort to be
> involved?

If what I fear becomes real, then I would be sad that our movement joins
such a dishonest project.

If they want to give access to a subset of Internet services and adapt
their communication (honesty about the product), then we face a dilemma.
A dilemna between our wish to give access to our content (tactical move)
and the one of having a free, neutral and un-clustered Internet
(strategical view)... Big discussions in view, but we already have done
it with Wikipedia zero and I know the WMF tends to be pragmatic in such
situations ;)

If they really want to help to give a neutral access to internet... then
this is really a dream we should be part of!

But, this is all about speculations...

I just wanted to explain why this launch doesn't sound well to my hears.
But I know nothing about their real intentions and concrete projects.
That's why, it's IMO urgent to wait... and see in which direction they
will make the next moves.

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