Nothing good comes with people like Mark Zuckerberg or Peter Thiel, they
don't share our vision of a *really* free and open internet. So, actually,
Emmanuel, I couldn't care less which direction they gonna make their next
moves. It will all be a disguise of what they really attempt and with whom
they really cooperate.

It's time to realize that there isn't a shared vision of the web between
Silicon Valley and Wikimedia. Their words are empty. When they speak of
freedom, they speak of the freedom of money and control. Just because they
use the word "internet" they don't speak of the same thing we do.


2013/8/23 Emmanuel Engelhart <>

> Le 23/08/2013 10:59, Kul Wadhwa a écrit :
> > I have my concerns as well so we're watching how things unfold for now.
> > Perhaps to add to Teemu's question (If I could be so bold) how would
> > need to evolve to make it worth our time and effort to be
> > involved?
> If what I fear becomes real, then I would be sad that our movement joins
> such a dishonest project.
> If they want to give access to a subset of Internet services and adapt
> their communication (honesty about the product), then we face a dilemma.
> A dilemna between our wish to give access to our content (tactical move)
> and the one of having a free, neutral and un-clustered Internet
> (strategical view)... Big discussions in view, but we already have done
> it with Wikipedia zero and I know the WMF tends to be pragmatic in such
> situations ;)
> If they really want to help to give a neutral access to internet... then
> this is really a dream we should be part of!
> But, this is all about speculations...
> I just wanted to explain why this launch doesn't sound well to my hears.
> But I know nothing about their real intentions and concrete projects.
> That's why, it's IMO urgent to wait... and see in which direction they
> will make the next moves.
> Emmanuel
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