Asaf Bartov wrote:
>I have finally uploaded my Wikimania talk to Commons.  It took some time
>to add links and explanatory notes that were spoken aloud at Wikimania,
>hence the delay.

Thank you for posting this.

The first section was removed? I got excited to see the term "Global
South" with a line through it (in the agenda index), but I think I
initially misunderstood its meaning. The term "Global South" is pretty
awful and deserves a quick death. But based on the title of the
presentation and this e-mail thread... I'm not hopeful that it's dead yet.

I'm a little confused about whether the ongoing programs in Brazil and
India will continue. There's a note that reads "No WMF contractors on the
ground any more", but it's unclear whether this means a discontinuation of
the current folks. And the final slides focus on future engagements. Does
the "no contractors on the ground" line mean only full-time staff will be
working with (engaging with, if you prefer) areas in the future? Full-time
staff and local chapter folks, I guess? And simply no Wikimedia Foundation


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