Yeah..I've noticed that with a lot of tools, whether on the toolserver or
on labs. The tool I use monthly is:

I ping Magnus all the time and he does his best to fix any issues and now i
just feel like a broken record each month. It is stifling my reports as a
Wikipedian in Residence to UNESCO and the Library of Congress :(

It's really tough to function without it, and so many other tools anymore.


On Mon, Sep 9, 2013 at 10:24 AM, James Heilman <> wrote:

> Some of the key tool's which I use on a daily basis (and their workarounds)
> no longer work.
> The tool I use the most of any is the autofill for PMID and ISBN's. The one
> in the edit box has not worked for some time and the backup
> stopped
> working today. The second backup still works a bit thankfully
> Another great tool is the dashboard. Its toolserver account has expired.
> I find this strange
> that if a users account has expired all the tools stop working. This would
> be like if I stopped editing Wikipedia for a couple of months than all my
> contributions would be deleted.
> So the question is should the WMF be helping keep some of these tools up
> and running? Many of us long term editors have come to heavily rely on
> them.
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