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Hi there,

is anyone out here participating in any of the Stack Exchange projects?

Yes, I've participated significantly in both Wikimedia projects and Stack Overflow.

Do people here still really think voting is a bad thing and wiki is the
easiest way to collaborate?

It depends how the community is intended to work. Wikipedia is about a community seeking to craft encyclopedia articles that are verifiable and NPOV. A well-written (and compliant with the policies) article isn't necessarily popular with readers, and vice versa (Justin Bieber would probably get a huge number of votes even if it weren't written very well), and doesn't necessary fit any one editor's POV.

Stack Overflow is about individual experts sharing solutions to specific problems. Individual posts are wikis, but the unspoken rule is to use this in a limited fashion. Typically, people are expected to make minor fixes while still maintaining the original poster's voice.

I have repeatedly had proposals for employing some voting mechanism at
least on the back-stage, but no one was listening to me...

This email isn't clear about how you actually propose to use voting.

A good thing about the Stack Exchange sites is that they all use the exact same license as Wikipedia (and some of the other Wikimedia sites), which is CC-BY-SA 3.0. We could probably take advantage of that a little more to migrate reference-like content (while still being cautious about only importing appropriate stuff).

Matt Flaschen

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