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> http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2013/09/mpaa-school-propaganda/
> “This thinly disguised corporate propaganda is inaccurate and
> inappropriate,” says Mitch Stoltz, an intellectual property attorney
> with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, who reviewed the material at
> WIRED’s request.
> “It suggests, falsely, that ideas are property and that building on
> others’ ideas always requires permission,” Stoltz says. “The
> overriding message of this curriculum is that students’ time should be
> consumed not in creating but in worrying about their impact on
> corporate profits.”
> I suggest we see if WMF commenting, possibly in a blog post or
> similar, would help avert such anti-sharing foolishness.
> - d.

Might not be a great idea
Its an improvement on previous attempts (to start with It doesn't appear to
violate the GFDL) and we would actually benefit from our uploaders having a
working knowledge of copyright. Knowing all the exceptions is something
best left to more experienced users.

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