Sometimes I see Wikimedians mention Google Summer of Code when they want
to find someone to work on a code project. (Example: [0]) This makes
sense sometimes. If you think your idea might be a good project for a
student -- or you want help to make it that -- please do put it on the
"possible projects" page, and Quim or others will help you refine it.[1]
Now's a good time to do that, so that Outreach Program for Women
applicants can consider your idea when they apply for the January-March

For the three-month programming internships, such as GSoC and some OPW
projects, we have to cut down how much they try to do, to make sure it
gets done and gets onto the site. So sometimes we'll need to take only
the simplest part of your idea and turn it into the project idea.

But the only way we can help you get some of your idea made is if we
hear about it! So if you have the seed of an idea, please go ahead and
put it on the "possible projects" page[1] instead of just saying to
yourself "oh it sounds way too big".

Also, check out what some past Outreach Program for Women interns have
done.[2] Maybe your community could use help in systems administration,
marketing, template-making, writing automated tests, or other work that
GSoC won't let us have as a GSoC project.

Sumana Harihareswara
Engineering Community Manager
Wikimedia Foundation

P.S. After this email, I'm unsubscribing from the wikimedia-l list as
I prepare for my sabbatical, which starts this weekend - more info at
. If you need to talk about Wikimedia technical community stuff or
communication before January, please consult Quim Gil, qgil at wikimedia
dot org, or Guillaume Paumier, gpaumier at wikimedia dot org. Thanks!
Looking forward to coming back in January.

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