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> http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2013/09/mpaa-school-propaganda/

> I suggest we see if WMF commenting, possibly in a blog post or
> similar, would help avert such anti-sharing foolishness

I doubt it would avert it, though pointing it out might at least draw
attention. I agree with the comment that it's a ridiculous idea to
introduce in elementary school (and I would be surprised if it did not
simply die on its own, along with many actual good ideas for curriculum
supplementation that simply can't be packed in to the school day).

Creative Commons now has a blog post up from Jane Park, criticizing the
program and pointing out the alternatives that exist:

(I am reminded of the clever "If you don't talk to your children about
copyright, who will?", also available in bumper-sticker format:
http://questioncopyright.com/qco-stk-chld.html )


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