Sneakernets are not particularly convenient. If the organizations of the
net wanted to use that for data transfer, the net wouldn't exist.

But I still think Wikimedia could increase/streamline accessibility to its
information. It probably couldn't happen, but they have more than enough
capacity to serve our content alone from eqiad (replacing or augmenting our
existing links). Wikimedia also develops new ways to reach more people
(such as MediaWiki mobile) like many of the organizations.

Another information organization that's participating is JSTOR, which I
think is comparable to our projects as a source of information, so I think
we can benefit from it.

I'd respectfully disagree, as a Wikidata editor, that Commons is the only
large database, because it may be large in terms of file size, but Wikidata
has more tangible "hard" machine-readable data, with much more to come.

On Sat, Oct 12, 2013 at 4:41 PM, geni <> wrote:

> On 12 October 2013 21:41, Jasper Deng <> wrote:
> > We could change that. Suppose a university wants to request the entire
> > knowledgebase of Wikidata or another project, or if we need to do a mass
> > transfer of data from them.
> >
> Still not significant.  The only really large database we have is the
> commons image database and a sneaker net might be the most practical option
> there.
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